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The 'Overview' section lists items in the selected container or view. When switching between containers/views, it automatically opens the overview.

You use the overview to select one or more items to edit or delete. You can change what is listed and perform several additional actions.

Editing/deleting items

To edit or delete an item, simply hover over it/tap on it (the row) and click the 'Delete' or 'Edit' button that appears.

Select multiple items by clicking them one-by-one, or by clicking one, holding the 'Shift' key and clicking another item. Select/deselect all items by clicking 'Select all' (bottom left corner). Once you've got the desired items selected click 'Edit … items' or 'Delete … items' at the bottom of the overview.

Info: If you don't have write or control permissions, you can only 'View' an item.

Changing the overview

Overviews have a default setting for the listing of items. They can be changed in the 'Settings' section of a container/view. This default setting consists of a sort (column), rows per page and maximum number of links shown per item (or none at all).

When you open a container/view, you will see the default listing.

Info: A blue label 'Filter active' at the top of the overview will note when either a filter was selected or a quick search was performed. If a filter was selected, this filter will be marked with a blue color. If a quick search was performed, the quick search box will have a blue background.

Info: Red labels at the top of the overview warn you that the current overview might not be up-to-date. This only applies to views, which are synchronized in the background.


If there are saved filters for the particular container/view, these will be shown at the top of the overview. Clicking a filter changes the overview according to the filter.

Quick search

Filters offer a way of very advanced searching, using multiple search criteria and sorting/limiting. For quick searches, you can use the quick search box (top right corner).

You can limit your quick search to a particular field or to all/any field. When typing, you may see a suggestion box with up to five relevant items. Select a suggestion by either clicking or using arrow keys to populate the search box.

Hit enter or click the 'looking glass' button to adjust the overview according to your search.

Choosing a page

The amount of items/rows shown in the overview is limited. The overview will then be split up in pages. To switch pages, click a page number (bottom right corner).


An 'outcropped' column indicates the current (primary) sort, with an arrow showing the sort direction. To change the way the overview is sorted, simply click one of the column headers. Clicking it again will switch between ascending/descending.

Filters can have a multiple sort, with options for descending/ascending as well as numeric sort (this treats the column content as numeric rather than alphanumeric). The sequence of the sort is shown with numbers next to the column names, numeric sorts having a capital 'N' next to that.


The 'Overview' section has four action buttons (top right, in the section bar):

  • Print version: creates a clear, printable version of the overview with an 'Extra info' textbox to include some extra remarks.
  • Export (CSV): creates a CSV file to use in spreadsheet applications like Microsoft Excel or Apple Numbers.
  • Refresh: reloads the current overview based on the used settings (i.e. filters, quick search, sort).
  • Reset: reload the default overview (voids used settings).

Tip: use the 'Esc' key to quickly reset the overview.

Furthermore, there are two more buttons to 'augment' the overview:

  • Mark empty ('pen' icon at the top): marks empty cells red.
  • Time overlap ('clock' icon at the top): calculates and shows time differences between rows, also shows a total of this below the last row of the overview (only when time fields are used that are related to each other).