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The log keeps track of all session from all users in your 1202 system. From each session, you can view a list of items that were created, edited or deleted, and view any errors that may have occurred during the session.



The log overview shows sessions ordered by start date and time. By default, the last ten sessions are shown. To navigate through the overview click the 'arrow' buttons at the bottom of the overview.

The overview shows:

  • User: short name of the user that logged in.
  • Session start: time and date the user logged in to your 1202 system.
  • Session expires: sessions have a 'lifetime' (you can set this in the 'System' section) therefore the expiration time is the start time plus the session lifetime. Every user action extends the lifetime.
  • IP address: IP address from the computer that was used to start the session.
  • Content: whether items were created, edited or deleted, or errors occurred during the session.

The current session and the sessions containing content can be viewed in more detail. To do this, hover over or tap on one of the sessions and click/tap the 'View' button. The session you are currently viewing is highlighted (blue).

Note: only sessions started through the 'Log in' screen are logged. This excludes remote sessions.


A session history consists of entries about changing, editing and deleting items.

Each entry shows:

  • Action: type of action, limited to 'Added', 'Updated' or 'Deleted'.
  • Container: name of the container affected.
  • Title: title of the item affected.

Hover over or tap on an item and click on the 'Edit' button to edit an item. This only applies to added or edited items.


Logged errors are mainly of interest for to developers of 1202. Entries show a short error message and a more detailed account when 'unfolded' (clicking on them). Errors are seldom serious, but may point to bugs, thresholds reached, or incorrect system settings/variables.