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With guides you can help users perform tasks in your 1202 system. They consist of a sequence of steps that users can follow autonomously.


Every guide is represented by an item in the 'Guide' container. Therefore, making a new guide is as simple as creating a new item in this container.

Guides consist of steps. These steps, or 'guide elements', are items in the 'Guide element' container. You can choose to only give it a title, if it is self-explanatory. If you need to provide some additional information on what the user should do, add a 'Description'.

You can determine the sequence of elements by linking the elements to the guide and sorting them (dragging and dropping them in the desired order) in the 'Sort elements' field of the guide item.

Link users to a guide item to give them access to the guide.

Guide element action

A guide element can set the state of your 1202 system. This is described in the 'Action' field. When the user gets to that particular step, the state will automatically change. For instance, it loads the 'New item' section of the 'Text' container.

Tip: You can select a state by using the select menus, but you can also copy-paste an URL into the 'Querystring' field. Your 1202 system will then deduce the state.

Note: If a user has insufficient permissions to 'be switched' to the proposed state, the user will get the 'fallback' state, which might lead to confusion.


When a user is linked to a guide, a 'guide bar' will show up at the bottom of the screen. If the user clicks on the bar, it will slide out and show the available guides. Clicking the 'play' button next to the guide select menu will start that particular guide.

Once a guide is started, the guide bar remains open. Click on the 'cross' icon (top right of the current guide) to close the guide or the 'pin' icon to save it.

Saved guides are shown in a select menu below the select menu for starting a new guide. It shows the guide title, current step and the date and time it was saved. You can continue a saved guide by selecting it and clicking the 'play' button.

Info: Guides are bound to users. Every user can save up to ten guides. The current guide and step are automatically picked up in a later session.