1202 is a multi-purpose, pluggable, cloud-based system for managing, publishing and sharing any kind and any amount of content.

CMS Critic

« 1202 is an extremely powerful platform -- that’s a given. »

« It can be used to create a myriad of website types, apps, databases and so forth. However, you do need to know your way around coding and web development. Working with 1202 is a very elemental experience. It’s certainly not for those looking for a spoon-feeding CMS. »

« It’s like a Lego set, in a way. Everyone loves building with Lego, especially if you know how. »

How it works

Basically, 1202 lets you work with a database in an easy and efficient way. Because databases can store anything from simple notes to website content and research data, you can go a lot of different ways.

Perhaps just as important: 1202 offers practically unlimited ways to retrieve the data you put into it,