1202 is a multi-purpose, pluggable, cloud-based system for managing, publishing and sharing any kind and any amount of content.

CMS Critic

« 1202 is an extremely powerful platform -- that’s a given. »

« It can be used to create a myriad of website types, apps, databases and so forth. However, you do need to know your way around coding and web development. Working with 1202 is a very elemental experience. It’s certainly not for those looking for a spoon-feeding CMS. »

« It’s like a Lego set, in a way. Everyone loves building with Lego, especially if you know how. »

1202 at a glance Shaping, creating and publishing content

How it works

Basically, 1202 lets you work with a database in an easy and efficient way. Because databases can store anything from simple notes to website content and research data, you can go a lot of different ways.

Perhaps just as important: 1202 offers practically unlimited ways to retrieve the data you put into it, for instance to show it online or create spreadsheet or PDF documents.


A few examples of what you can use 1202 for are:

  • Content management
  • Corporate relations management
  • Planning
  • Billing
  • Archiving
  • Cataloging

We encourage you to explore any other uses 1202 might have. It is a very open and flexible system, which makes it easy to put any type (or different types) of content together. Also, you can alter the system while it is running, making it possible to grow and scale at the same pace as business.


You can use 1202 as a plug-in, to dynamically enrich templates or complement other systems, either as a permanent or temporary solution.

We don't conceal or encrypt your data (except from passwords, obviously). You can retrieve every scrap of it. Also, since you pay per month, you won't have to sit out some long contract.

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About us

1202 software has been providing services for the web since 2007.
We develop and make our own system, 1202, and create tailor-made solutions with it.

We are 1202

The development of 1202 was fueled by the need for a system that was versatile and easy to implement as well as use. It was originally intended as a content management system, like WordPress or Joomla, but the scope broadened considerably due to client demands.

This made 1202 into a system that is arguably one of the most versatile systems on the web, while still maintaining a high degree of usability. We believe it to be the perfect foundation for any project on the web and encourage anyone to explore its uses.

Ask us

Of course, we can help to implement 1202 within your project, or design a project based on 1202. We can make you an attractive offer and will use our creativity and expertise to help you achieve success.

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1202 software

1202 software
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